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PT Universal Cipta Pangan was established in January 23th, 2007. Focusing itself on the snack food industry with intention to build a business that can contribute to national economy, specifically employment, the board of directors decided to become the best cassava chips manufacturer in Indonesia.

In June 15, 2014 PT Universal Cipta Pangan were acquired and new board of directors were appointed. The new board of directors brought a new game plan for the company. Instead of choosing to follow its competitor, the company now has a vision to create self-identity and create plan for the new beginning. They do reengineering process throughout the company.

The major concern is to build quality products through quality processes. Systems are built, quality control is strengthened and the TQM are developed to bring the company up to the level of export quality standard. Food safety certification is conducted to bring it even more compatible with the emerging power of global market.

Products of PT Universal Cipta Pangan Food have now existed in most of the cities in Indonesia and through global networking it is now introducing higher quality Indonesian Product to the real world. Our products are now available in several countries such as the United States of America, Australia, South Korea, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, New Caledonia, and will soon be present in China, Japan, Africa, and Middle East.

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