Kingkong Reguler
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Product under brand KingKong was firstly made to attract mostly teenagers and adults in Indonesia to enjoy indonesia fried cassava snack which is packed in the modern way, to be brought easily to anywhere and anytime without worry too much about quality depression during storage period.

First material base that was produced under KingKong Brand is cassava base and based on this material the name of brand was created. KingKong means “Raja Singkong” (King of Cassava) which reinforce our previous vision to be number one in cassava snack’s manufacturing. Our cassava chips product consist of 5 type of flavors i.e. Original (Classic), Barbeque, Blackpepper Chicken, Sweet and Spicy, and Roasted Cheese. Those flavors were launched once on August 2008.

Later on, this brand concept was renewed and its previous design was re-designed with the same trademark brand name. But in the future, all product which has “universal” and “simple-designed” concept will be included in this Brand so this brand will not tied only for the cassava base. This concept will be described on the packaging design.

  • Nett weight : 60 and 150 gram
  • Packaging material : Alu-foil packaging
  • Launching : Launched on August 2008
  • Segmentation : 17 – 35 years old


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