Telatos brand was created in order to strengthen the concept of “bring up traditional snack by using modern technology and packaging” which can not be delivered under KingKong Brand. The first series of Telatos Brand is “Batik” series.  “Batik” design is shown and re-created on the packaging to reinforce the concept of Indonesian traditional snack. Same with KingKong brand, the brand name of Telatos came from Indonesia vocabulary “Ketela” which means cassava in Indonesia.

Both brand name was created by using cassava word but in the future both brand will not tied only for the cassava base. Cassava word was used as a reminder that the first material base for both brand is cassava. But differ from KingKong brand, product under Telatos Brand will be developed with “traditional” or “ethnic” in series concept.

  • Nett weight            : 60 and 90 gram
  • Packaging material : Alu-foil packaging                           
  • Launching              : Launched on January 2014
  • Segmentation         : 17 – 35 years old


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